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¡Cuando quieras!


ring, Anemones, 2019
japanese paper, chrysopras, beads,
elastic thread, jade thread, nylon
macrame, embroidery, crochet


Endangered or overexploited are adjective often used now to describe the
nature which is part of my main inspiration.
Forest and coral reef are as much beautiful as they are necessary for our
survival on this planet acting as the lungs bringing us the essential elements
for the development of all forms of life.
The use of the Japanese paper is symbolizing the trees that are cut around the
globe but also the carbon we can find in lot of organism to create a shield
(shells), to hold the organs (bones) or as main structure to grow (coral).
This series of pieces are an allegoric representation of the coral reef or the
patterns found in the nature, acting as time capsule for the next generations
to keep a memories of all the beauty destroyed by previous generation because
of a lost connection with Nature.

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